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Mr. Krazy Klean

Half Quart Concentrate w/ Free Spray Bottle

Half Quart Concentrate w/ Free Spray Bottle

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Meet the dynamic duo of cleaning convenience – the Mr. Krazy Klean Half Quart Bottle with a Free Spray Bottle! This compact yet powerful package is your solution to effective, eco-friendly cleaning, conveniently sized for those smaller tasks that demand a swift touch. The half-quart bottle yields approximately 16 diluted 32-ounce bottles, ensuring lasting cleaning power in a compact form.

Key Features:

  1. Perfectly Proportioned: The half-quart bottle of Mr. Krazy Klean is designed for efficiency without compromise. Ideal for targeted cleaning needs, it's the go-to solution for quick and effective results.

  2. Free Spray Bottle Included: We're throwing in a free 32-ounce spray bottle to make your cleaning experience even smoother. No need to hunt for a compatible container – we've got you covered.

  3. Eco-Friendly Excellence: Just like its larger counterparts, the half-quart bottle maintains Mr. Krazy Klean's commitment to eco-friendly cleaning. Biodegradable and versatile, it's a small package with a big impact.

  4. Multi-Surface Mastery: From glass to stainless steel, countertops to crayon-streaked walls, this duo tackles it all. Enjoy professional-grade cleaning power without the clutter of multiple products.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Mr. Krazy Klean in a compact form. Grab your Half Quart Bottle with Free Spray Bottle today and make every cleaning task a breeze.

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