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Mr. Krazy Klean

55 Gallon Drum

55 Gallon Drum

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Introducing the Mr. Krazy Klean 55 Gallon Drum – a colossal reservoir of cleaning power designed for the boldest cleaning challenges. This industrial-sized drum is not just a cleaner; it's a commitment to unparalleled cleaning efficiency, sustainability, and unbeatable value.

Key Features:

Eco-Friendly Cleaning on a Grand Scale: Mr. Krazy Klean, renowned for its eco-friendly formula, now comes in a 55-gallon drum, bringing the same environmental consciousness to large-scale cleaning projects.

Limitless Versatility: Whether you're maintaining expansive commercial spaces or tackling industrial equipment, Mr. Krazy Klean rises to the occasion. It's your all-in-one solution for a spectrum of surfaces, making your cleaning routine more efficient.

Exceptional Cost-Efficiency: The 55-gallon drum yields a staggering 7,040 diluted quart bottles. That translates to professional-grade cleaning at an unprecedented cost of only cents per bottle. Unleash the power of savings without compromising on quality.

Unrivaled Dilution Capability: Witness the magic of dilution on a grand scale. With a single gallon of Mr. Krazy Klean, you can create 128 diluted 32-ounce bottles. Extrapolate that to the 55-gallon drum, and you'll get an astonishing 880 gallons of diluted cleaning power.

Industrially Efficient Application: Mix 10 ounces of Mr. Krazy Klean per gallon of water for pressure washers and shampoo machines, creating an industrial-strength cleaning solution. Tackle large projects with ease, knowing you have the power of Mr. Krazy Klean on your side.

Sustainable Cleaning Practices: Mr. Krazy Klean maintains its commitment to environmental responsibility even in this larger format. At a 20:1 dilution ratio, it ensures that efficiency doesn't come at the cost of sustainability.

Safe, Reliable Results: Whether you're dealing with delicate surfaces or tough industrial grime, Mr. Krazy Klean remains safe and reliable. The same dilution can be applied across all surfaces, ensuring consistent results.

Experience the pinnacle of cleaning efficiency with Mr. Krazy Klean's 55 Gallon Drum – where quantity meets quality, and sustainability meets savings. Transform your cleaning routine, conquer large-scale projects, and order your industrial cleaning powerhouse today.

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