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Common Questions

01. Is Mr. Krazy Klean safe?

Yes, the pH level is 7 when you properly dilute it at 20:1.

02. How many bottles can I get out of a gallon?

One (1) Mr. Krazy Klean gallon bottle yields 128 32oz bottles.

03. Is it safe if it gets in my pool?

Properly diluted, it is harmless to a pool.

04. Is this safe on my grass?

Properly diluted it is safe for grass, however the concentrate can kill grass.

05. Can I use this on marble or quartz?

The product is absolutely safe on every surface when it is properly diluted.

06. How do I use this in my pressure washer machine?

For pressure washer machines, use 2 oz of Mr. Krazy Klean concentrate per 1 gallon of water.

07. How much should I put in my mop bucket?

For general cleaning to be used in standard mopping, use 1 oz of Mr. Krazy Klean concentration to every 1 gallon of water.

08. How much do I put in my shampooer?

For carpet cleaning, use 2 oz of Mr. Krazy Klean concentration to every 1 gallon of water.

09. Can I use this in my place of business?

Yes, we have a GHS warning label on every bottle sold, so we are legally able to be sold and used in places of business for EPA and OSHA inspection purposes.

10. Do you have an MSDS sheet for it?

Yes we do. You can view it HERE.

11. Does this freeze?

The Mr. Krazy Klean Concentrate won’t freeze, so it’s safe to store in cold places. With a diluted bottle mixed with water, it will freeze.

12. Does it have a shelf life?

No, the product never deteriorates or spoils, nor will it erode the container.

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Customers Love Us

"Mr. Krazy Klean has revolutionized cleaning in our home. With kids and pets, I needed something safe, effective, and budget-friendly. This product exceeded my expectations. No more cluttered cleaning supplies – just one bottle that does it all!"

Jane D.

Homeowner and Mother

"Running a small business means wearing many hats. Mr. Krazy Klean has simplified my life. It cleans everything from storefront windows to office surfaces. The cost savings are a game-changer for my budget. Highly recommended!"

John S.

Small Business Owner

"Managing an industrial facility demands powerful cleaning solutions. Mr. Krazy Klean delivered. The 55-gallon drum has transformed our maintenance routines. Efficient, versatile, and eco-friendly – it's a must-have for large-scale cleaning."

Lisa M.

Industrial Facility Manager

"As DIY enthusiasts, we've tried a lot of cleaners. Mr. Krazy Klean stands out. It's our go-to for everything from car detailing to home projects. The gallon-sized bottle is a cost-effective dream. Our weekends just got a lot cleaner and greener!"

Mike and Sarah T.

Weekend Warriors